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New Homes in Las Vegas, NV. That is my favorite market. When buying New Homes stick with your Realtor. There are homes ready to move-in all over the valley. The New Homes builders are giving closing cost incentives, great rates, incentives towards options. The New Homes in Las Vegas sales agent has a more accommodating, customer service attitude and that goes a long way.

I have visited many New Homes Communities, and right now that is the way to go for an owner occupant. It’s nice to have it “just right” for your New Home. Several homes were designer upgraded. The builder let you pick standard appliances, or for a nominal fee to upgrade to stainless steel.

I wanted to put in a plug for Nevada Rural Housing Authority. The opportunity for down payment assistant not only became easy, its non repayment. 4% of sale priceMissey2, high income allowance and no strings attached? This is for areas located in the City of Las Vegas, NV vs the County of Las Vegas, NV.

A Realtor can make a difference, I always try to make it a good memorable difference,
Warmest Regards Missey


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A Point Of View

If we had taken the money we spent on the war and given everyone an New Car that

runs on natural gas, we could solve many problems.  First, oil dependent USA,

Second, parts would be local not imported, made in the USA.  What a concept, support

ourselves and not be dependent.  Seems the Founding Fathers and all those that gave their ALL

fought for exactly that.  Now let’s live for exactly that.  Independence.

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